Does Red Wine Help You Live Longer?

According to Daily Mail, Red Wine might actually help you live longer & give you a more energetic life! Cool right?

Excuse me while I go get myself a class of Red…

Sweet, I’m back! So I guess it has some “miracle ingredient” called resveratrol which was founded by a couple of Scientists in France. Alright, so before we all get too excited and drink our life away with some Reds.. these scientist tested this ingredient on worms first. Lucky, these worms showed signs of living 60% longer and being more energetic!
These scientist also believe that this wine-tastic ingredient may actually have a similar effect on human beings!

Wine Rosé

Nothing better than drinking a Rosé wine from Paris. Even being originally from there, I never thought I would be so in love with that particular wine. I think maybe because of the light taste of it, or maybe the fact it won’t give you a acidy feeling in your stomach.  It is light and refreshing and of course it does taste better with pasta, fish or even chicken.

-Maryam Farzine