Happy New Year!!

As we look forward to a new year, we would like to wrap up 2018. We have had some great experiences,  met new people, new art classes, and even new art instructors. We have grown and learned a lot through the year. We have made mistakes and we have learned from them. We had art instructors come and go, each leaving us with a greater experience. We are thankful for all the restaurants we worked with and still are working with into the next year.

Happy Monday!!

Just ordered a new calendar to use. Well, more like a diary of some sort called “Getting Stuff Done.” Haven’t used it yet, but I should. Got started decorating the home with Christmas lights and decoration. Always makes me feel good to decorate. Something has to be said about decorating, my favorite time of year.

Had a great meeting with my associate and making progress for advertising. Thank goodness there is a few of us to run AES. Progress and what we can to make a difference for the business is always a positive thing. We are working on the gala for the community service, which I think will be great.

Finally Thursday!!

How many of us had a long week? Finally posted all the classes for the month of November. We have so many great classes coming up. I am excited to take a few of them myself. Great staff=Great Art to teach. Finally October month is over, time to focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am ready to decorate….;-)

I did bring out the Christmas decorations. I guess I am in a hurry. We have some great  upcoming events  for the next few weeks. It will be busy until Christmas time.

Happy Tuesday

Do you ever think this weather of ours in Cali will ever get cold? I am beginning to think most likely not. Wow! Can you believe Halloween is tomorrow? I asked my 13 year old if he wanted to go out with his friends, but he said he would rather be passing out the candy. Here you have it folks!! Wow, do they grow up so quickly. I am actually happy the end of October is near. I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas.

Happy Sunday

Are you ready for the week? I know we are. So many classes coming up for fall and things to do. Nothing better to do what you love. How was my day, you ask? Family comes first. After spending the day with my family, I am ready for the new week to start. A lot of planning to do. I just can’t believe October is coming to a close pretty soon and onto a new month. We would love any suggestions for November and December classes.

Fall Decoration

You know when you start looking for fall decorations, you always come across something that would be easy to make. I thought this idea was really cute for centerpieces. It doesn’t seem too hard to put together and it is a simple touch to any events you may want to have. Funny thing is, I love to decorate for fall events. Actually, for any type of events really. This one seemed a great idea for a small dinner party or even a Halloween party. Will have to save this one for my books of ideas. What are some of your ideas?

Working with Restaurants

Working with restaurants can be easy. I love working with the ones we have. Each one of them brings something special. I love working outdoors and having a view to look at. It’s not always easy building a relationship, but when you do, you sure want to keep them close. Then again, we aren’t your typical corporate art class. We don’t have a studio and we aren’t a big corporation. A small business who loves working with people and bringing their creativity out. What a better way to do a date night, or family night. Maybe even hanging out with friends and doing something fun and eventful.  I know most of my friends would hate to paint, but I love to drag them and get them to paint with me. Best way to relax and take your mind off of work. I know, you are probably thinking; “are you joking? It is all about concentration.” Honestly, that could be true, but it does put your mind at ease, when you are thinking about your painting instead of stressing about life. Anyway, worth a try I’d say.

Team Building

Happy Sunday!!

It has been a great week. I am so grateful to have a great team. Our instructors are great and our team associates are working really hard to get us business. I couldn’t ask for a better team. Of course, it always helps to bring new ideas on the table. So, here we are….We are adding gift baskets to the mix of things we do.

Our team building events have been prosperous….Thankfully.

We would like to thank Planet DDS, First American, Loan Depot, Bank of America, ESDI, Ernst & Young for allowing us to work with them on their team building events. Also, our bride and groom who have hired us for their wedding and parties as well.

It’s been awhile….

I know it has been a while since I last wrote a blog. August hit us hard. However, we seem to be picking up the pace again…thankfully!!!

Things have been different at AES. We have added lots more classes and restaurants. We also have brought a few more people on the team. I am proud of the team we have now. It took me awhile to get it all together. Grateful for all that we have now. We all work together and help each other grow. Aside from the painting classes we have been offering, we also have been offering private painting classes. Not only that, but we are working on making gift baskets for the upcoming holidays. We do have all new paintings for the fall and working on our Christmas ones, coming soon.


In every company we have our ups and downs and sometimes having a great team to back you up is hard to find. I have come to find out you need a great team to work with. Especially, when you have to trust and rely on each other to make the business great. I truly believe that now! After a year of soul searching and working through it all, I can finally say I have a great team. I have to thank our team for making every experience great and thank all of our vendors who we have worked with so far.