Working with restaurants can be easy. I love working with the ones we have. Each one of them brings something special. I love working outdoors and having a view to look at. It’s not always easy building a relationship, but when you do, you sure want to keep them close. Then again, we aren’t your typical corporate art class. We don’t have a studio and we aren’t a big corporation. A small business who loves working with people and bringing their creativity out. What a better way to do a date night, or family night. Maybe even hanging out with friends and doing something fun and eventful.  I know most of my friends would hate to paint, but I love to drag them and get them to paint with me. Best way to relax and take your mind off of work. I know, you are probably thinking; “are you joking? It is all about concentration.” Honestly, that could be true, but it does put your mind at ease, when you are thinking about your painting instead of stressing about life. Anyway, worth a try I’d say.

Team Building