Diversity: a range of different things.

To us, making a community a better place is by bringing together different diversities of cultures. This is true because diversity is a large issue in many communities because it is the way people identify themselves. The negativity between identities is what, we believe, fails a community. Identity is established through experiences, emotions, and connections. Therefore, tight bonds form within cultures that have similar identities in communities. This is because culture is an umbrella in which various traits, and values are held together. This causes problems in communities because diversity gets in the way of how cultures look at one another. This is because people have their own identities, which makes their values different- making it difficult for most communities to get along with one another. This is why we believe the activities we are involved with loosens the tension between different cultures in our community, therefore, making it a better place to live in.

The events, and activities that we participate in and host give us the opportunity to see our community and accept each other. This is because our team works together to bring awareness of different customs and cultures to our community, by fun events year round. Every month we hold events in which we invite community members for food and games. Making it a perfect opportunity to bring together different cultures. It is always nice to see all the tension between cultures vanish as soon as a few jokes or games are played.

We believe that we should embrace other cultures to understand one another better. This is why we encourage this in many activities that we participate in. To us, identity can change on a huge scale, but only with the right influence. We believe making our community a better place is by bringing together different cultures.

-All Events Solutions Staff ♥

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